Some random thoughts

Several people pointed out to me that the Facebook posts with anonymous people holding up signs that purport to substantiate claims by their sides in political debates (e.g. about Tea Party or OWS talking points) are very hard to verify. Could the hand written sign be a complete lie, or a wild exaggeration or a misleading statement? Who knows? How does one know if the claim about who paid for their college or whether they could get health insurance is true? The problem is, (and I was guilty of this myself) those who repost photos of political claims made by anonymous people lend their own credibility to the post. Do I want to stand behind such claims and assure my FB friends they are true? If, Mike Saint, hoids up a sign saying I gave $1 million to the Obama campaign and post a photo of me and the sign on Facebook, those who know me will challenge it as a complete lie. They know I don’t have $1 million and if I did, I certainly would not give it to Obama. And those who see my name on my post, can Google me and Google my campaign contributions and quickly ascertain that such a claim is a lie. But how does one Google anonymous sources to double check their claims?

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