Death of Common Sense

I read a great book a few years ago – The Death of Common Sense, see:
The author chronicles how the increases in laws and regulations are taking away discretion and making people do stupid, non-sensical things. I was reminded of this the other day when I stopped at a Las Vegas Airport restaurant for a between flights meal. I ordered a salad and a glass of white wine. Now, i am 62 years old, with balding head and white and gray hair and beard. No one could confuse me for 40, let alone 30 or 20. But the bartender required me to show identification to buy wine. Why, because his restaurant has set a policy to card everyone. The bartender no longer has discretion to decide if the buyer is over 21. Why? Because advocates like Mothers against Drunk Driving have pressured law enforcement to crack down on sellers of alcohol. Politicians have tightened the laws, lawyers have filed suit and now restaurant owners are so afraid of stings, they figure its safer to card every customer, no matter how old he looks.
By the way, if you must show government issued photo identification to buy a drink, or tobacco or a gun or enter an airport, or even go into some high rise office buildings in some cities like New York and San Francisco, why should you not have to show a photo identification card to vote?

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